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Relative permeability is about core? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-15

Permeability is slightly lower than free space ( Vacuum) And the magnetic field has a weak negative magnetic susceptibility of the material, such as water, copper, silver and gold, called diamagnetism in essence. 1 j85 those core permeability and itself is only slightly bigger than a free space by magnetic field slightly attract is paramagnetic material is called, for example: gas. Using relative permeability to define the intensity of magnetic field can better understanding of the use of magnetic field intensity of different types of materials. 

 For example, vacuum and air relative permeability is 1, relative permeability of core of about 500 people, so it can be said that the core of the field is 500 times that of the equivalent air-core coil, and the relationship is larger. Magnetic soft nickel-based alloy powder is permalloy, its characteristic is that high magnetic permeability. Alloy light magnetization characteristics in weak magnetic field is generally no magnetic anisotropy and magnetostrictive effect. Increased molybdenum permalloy resistance per unit area and initial permeability, and to reduce the vulnerability of mechanical deformation. Through the application of high purity components and generally focus on heat treatment, permalloy in ordinary soft magnetic material to achieve the higher permeability.

 Application: apply to magnetic materials of powder metallurgy production - has high permeability core rod, measuring equipment and radio equipment. For example, in obtaining a dielectric components of the magnetic material, used with inert gas spraying and basic size for - 100 microns ( Less than 100 microns) Spherical permalloy powder, do not need additional screening or sintering. In this case, will add the insulation material and plasticizer powder under high pressure down into the rigid substrate. Then, the semi-finished products in a vacuum or protective atmosphere sintering.
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