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The application of fault indicator acquisition unit take electric magnetic core

by:Transmart     2020-07-21
1, the sampling unit take principle of electric fault indicator unit induction electric current use 'move electric magnetic and magnetic power' of the electromagnetic induction principle, will lead the change of alternating current, by means of magnetic core of permalloy electromagnetic coupling the voltage and current in the secondary coil, the implementation for electric power transmission, achieve the goal of self-guided online take electricity. As shown in figure, when a winding through the primary current N1, the core within the magnet produces an alternating magnetic flux Φ 1, the alternating magnetic flux Φ 1 through core magnetic circuit, is induced in the secondary winding voltage U. Mutual inductance is compared with other electromagnetic transformation, here's a winding for cable or wire, number of turns for 1 turn. Alternating magnetic flux Φ 1 formed in magnetic core in the process of the closed loop will be affected by magnetic reluctance Φ r, space radiation ( Magnetic flux leakage Φ L) Some barriers, such as magnetic flux will be loss, only through this part of the secondary winding magnetic flux Φ 2 to effectively transfer power to the secondary side, namely Φ 1 = Φ Φ Φ L + r + 2. Visible, under the same conditions, the magnetic resistance and magnetic flux leakage Φ Φ r L is smaller, the secondary side of the output power. Because the permalloy core collection units need to meet the requirements of electric installation and disassembly, core fit requires cutting mode, namely the core need in production cut in half, when installation and closed form annular magnetic circuit. Magnetic circuit in the closed because the air gap, the cutting gap when compared with the original ring core, the magnetic resistance and magnetic flux leakage Φ Φ r L so greatly increased, under the same conditions, the cutting process, the better, the smaller the air gap, the magnetic resistance and magnetic flux leakage Φ Φ r L will be smaller, the greater the secondary side of the output power will be. In order to reduce the loss of magnetic circuit, in the same wire current situation to improve secondary side output power level, the need to adopt high permeability, high saturation magnetic flux density of the Bs value core material, lead to the high-end core material selection. After our many experiments, to meet the requirements of fault indicator acquisition unit take electric materials are: 1 l85 permalloy, iron-based nanocrystalline k107 1. The magnetic properties of magnetic material physical properties / : 2, the relationship between magnetic flux and power/the link between the theoretical formula calculation: ( 1) Φ1=B*Ae ( 2) B=μ*H ( 3) μ=AL*Le/0. 4*π* N²*Ae( N²= 1) ( 4) H = 0。 PI * N * I/Le including: 40 mu: permeability B: magnetic flux density Ae: core area H: magnetic field intensity of AL: inductance coefficient Le: the length of the equivalent magnetic circuit thus: in the same primary side current, the higher the permeability mu, the equivalent magnetic circuit of magnetic core length shorter Le, Ae core cross-section, the greater the side the greater the magnetic flux Φ 1 at a time. In order to make the primary side of the magnetic flux to the secondary lientang, Φ r, Φ L loss minimum, magnetic resistance loss, magnetic flux leakage loss must be reduced, which increase the permeability, the effective length of magnetic circuit and the fine workmanship of optimizing core security core cut surface fit closely. In our actual processing practice, 1 k107 iron-based nanocrystalline core permeability after cutting can reach more than 15000, 1 j85 permalloy core permeability after cutting can reach more than 12000. Permalloy core permeability after cutting can be achieved? For fixation of decomposition. 3, take the electric coil burned cause analysis due to the work under the condition of power frequency electric coil, under the condition of reasonable design of the magnetic core, core eddy current caused by the iron loss is not too big, so the permalloy core core will not be burned, the scene of the fire is mainly caused by improper design of the secondary winding. When fault indicator working current of primary side rises, secondary side output current will rise accordingly, which meet the I1, I2 = N1, N2, so we need according to the primary side of continuous maximum current wires may consider winding copper wire diameter, on the winding current density values should not be too large, otherwise the winding will produce high fever, lead to coil burned. 4, 1 j85 application instance ( 0. 2 mm permalloy) With 1 k107 ( 0. 025 mm iron-based nanocrystalline) Belong to high permeability soft magnetic materials, under the condition of power frequency, almost negligible eddy current loss and their application in the current fault indicator acquisition unit, its excellent magnetic properties, is other permalloy core magnetic materials cannot compare. 1 j85 and 1 k107 between core price is about 2:1, the application of large quantities of 1 k107 magnetic advantage, price advantage.
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