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The effect of current transformer

by:Transmart     2020-07-17
Current transformer, taken out of context, it is a kind of two current instruments influence each other, so the question comes, what is the function of current transformer? Measurement? Protection? Next we'll look at ~ ~ together, the effect of current transformer - - - - - - Introduction to the Current transformer, English name for the Current transformer, symbols for TA, is according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, composed of closing of core and winding a can convert a large Current to the secondary small Current instruments. Its structure as shown in the figure below, a winding circle number is less, string in the demand of measuring current circuit, and the secondary winding circle number is more, string in measuring surface, or protect circuit, when they are in operation condition, the secondary circuit of current transformer closing ( Otherwise it will attack security) , measuring surface, or protect circuit in series with the coil impedance is very small, making the operational conditions close to the short circuit. Second, the effect of current transformer - - - - - - - One is used to measure the effect of current transformer is used for measuring, often used for pricing or measuring equipment in the operation of current size. The large of alternating current is measured in, for the convenience of surface measurement, and decline the risk of direct measurement of high voltage, often needs to use current of current transformer turned them into a unified, at this point, current transformer will have the effect of converter and electric cut off. Current transformer converts instructed to high current is proportional to the low current, when used to measure the current transformer is the primary side of a single system, secondary side by measuring the surface or relay protection equipment, etc. Third, the effect of current transformer 2 - - - - - - - Second is used to protect the function of current transformer is used to protect and often cooperate with relaying equipment use, when the line attacks the shortcomings such as short circuit may overload, current transformer, sends a signal to the relay equipment makes its blocking faults circuit, and then achieve an intention to protect the safety of power supply system. Protective current transformer is different from the measuring current transformer, its just in several times or more than normal current situation before it can be useful for assignments, and secure the required insulation, has satisfied with large precise limit coefficient, thermal stability and dynamic stability. Fourth, the effect of current transformer - - - - - - - Note 1, the current transformer in operation process, vice side are not allowed to open, we must stick to the closed state. Because once the vice side open circuit, makes the magnetic flux and vice far across the normal voltage ( Up to thousands or tens of thousands of volts) , exist great harm the safety of the operator and equipment. Series 2, the connection method of current transformer should comply with the principle of winding and the circuit under test in a short period of time series, secondary winding and measurement of surface or relaying equipment series.
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