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The effect of silicon steel sheet of transformer core no-load noise

by:Transmart     2021-01-14
The effect of silicon steel sheet of transformer core no-load noise - 2019 03 - Of the noise reasons of 30 15:05:38 transformer core is mainly under the action of alternating magnetic field, the size of the silicon steel sheet small changes will happen. Due to the change of the magnetostrictive cycle is a half cycle of mains frequency, magnetostrictive cause the vibration of the transformer body, was twice mains frequency as the base frequency, so the vibration of the silicon steel sheet is mainly caused by the magnetostrictive properties of transformer core material. Magnetostrictive rate are related to the material of silicon steel sheet. Magnetostrictive ratio increases, the greater the noise. When the same magnetic field intensity, material is qualitative good silicon steel sheet magnetostriction is small, so the noise is small. Magnetostrictive rate is also related to the intensity of the magnetic field, the stronger the magnetic field, & epsilon; The greater the. Magnetostrictive rate also is related to whether the silicon steel sheet surface paint and annealing, because the coating of silicon steel sheet have adhesion, can prevent the deformation of silicon steel sheet. In the magnetic field intensity under the same annealing silicon steel sheet than annealing the silicon steel sheet of magnetostrictive much smaller, this is because the annealing process, can reduce the magnetostrictive exponentially. Transformer core no-load noise in addition to itself and other relevant material, also associated with the case of joint.
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