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The influence of frequency on the program

by:Transmart     2020-09-28
When it comes to the frequency of application, may follow some general guidelines. When frequency is low, often use iron powder, magnetic alloys because of its high saturation magnetic flux density and low hysteresis and eddy current loss and material's price is cheap. Under the high frequency of using ferrite because their loss is low. For high frequency, the diameter of the conductor is another important aspect because of skin effect happens. Design inductors, usually use two kinds of methods, namely the restriction of core loss and copper loss. Used in the design of which is depending on the two most loss of position 102. 6. Converter in when current ripple or frequency is low, there will be no significant losses in a magnetic core, on the contrary, the design is limited by copper losses in the windings. This is due to the high dc current, copper loss limit method is usually used with converter, and resistance will be a lot according to winding loss. In this case, the use of large cross lines is very important to reduce the resistance of cross-sectional area. Need to weigh, because if you use a thick line, it can reduce the number of turns can install it in the inductance of the iron core, or use a large iron core. Loss when the frequency is higher and the core material will have great influence on the material, will use the method of limited losses. In these cases, BH loop area is lesser materials. This is just a small part of the problems faced by the designer, and they have a lot of difference to consider what factors led to the design process of the inductor is both difficult and important for the overall performance of the circuit.
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