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The new field of soft magnetic alloy

by:Transmart     2020-09-30
Data channel design will be from ( Part of the response likelihood) And high-speed data channel be added to the new level detection, analysis and coding. Many soft magnetic alloy these designs currently in beta LABS. Inductive write head as well as the other in writing drive circuit design, will open a new field of magnetic physicists to solve, based on a 500 MHz and the high frequency short pulse width. Figure 7 shows the price the price of a Megabyte reduce HDD and DRAM electronic circuit [ 5] 。 On the basis of surface density increase, rising at an annual rate of 60, and assumes that the drop is not big in the unit price, the price of a Megabyte of HDD will be increased by nearly 40% a year, is expected as shown. If surface density continues to increase at the rate of 60%, the hard disk price is expected to fall further, to achieve a Megabyte 0. 03 levels by 2000. A Megabyte prices are expected to be reduced to below the level of the next decade. The new added has shown over the past 40 years, extend the functionality of the HDD, the storage device is each part of the information processing system. The new head is one of the key elements for this development, it is expected to continue to transition from MR to the head of the GMR. New head and disk structure surface density is in the laboratory investigation to this year will be expanded to more than 10 Gbit/in2. 2000.
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