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The properties of soft magnetic material compatible? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-15
From our experiment, we can through the proper process in 0. 1 T and 50 kHz implementation under the induction of 390 mW/cm3 core loss, and low frequency of magnetic permeability mu eff keep at 700 kHz. Permalloy core these properties such as Fe - Si- Al and Ni - Fe alloy known properties of soft magnetic material compatibility. From the above results can be concluded that the Fe - with high Si content For nuclear application and commercialization of Si alloy powder has high. LE alloy 49 for solenoid components, glass metal sealing, transformer and power sensors and other applications. Is the existing soft magnetic alloy iron, cobalt, vanadium soft magnetic alloy high saturation magnetic induction intensity, saturated magnetic induction intensity ( 2. 4 T) , high Curie temperature ( 980ºC) , saturated magnetostrictive coefficient is larger, * 10 to 60 ~ 100 6) 。 Because of the saturated magnetic induction intensity is high, when make equal power motor, can greatly reduce the volume, when making the electromagnet, under the same cross-sectional area can produce larger suction. Because of their high Curie point, can make the alloy can be in other soft magnetic alloy material has been completely demagnetization at high temperature, and maintain good magnetic stability. ( 0. 27μΩ·m) , is not suitable for use under high frequency, the price is more expensive, easy oxidation, processing performance is poorer, adding suitable nickel or other elements, can increase the processing performance. Application: suitable for manufacturing quality.
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