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The properties of soft magnetic materials and application of _

by:Transmart     2020-09-16
Soft magnetic materials include many nickel iron and nickel and cobalt soft magnetic alloys, as well as for parts of pure iron, soft magnetic alloy core of these components need higher initial permeability and larger magnetic permeability, and easy to manufacture. The technology and skills in a controlled atmosphere conditions for melting and refining the material. According to the customer's specifications, through forging, hot and cold rolling, wire drawing and heat treatment to the combination of manufacturing products. Soft magnetic properties and the application of the material has a steep rise in magnetization curve and hysteresis loop is relatively small and narrow and therefore smaller energy loss of each magnetic cycle of materials known as soft magnetic materials. Soft magnetic materials, therefore, used in building core used in alternating magnetic field. Common soft magnetic material is a soft iron, nickel alloy and soft ferrite. Soft magnetic materials are used to motor, transformer, electromagnetic, reactor, demand for such devices such as relays, the magnetic flux should be in small space, with a smaller loss to make the structure of the core economic construction. Magnetic material requirements what we already know: flux x = flux density cross-sectional area, namely the phi xA = B. For a given value, we need to choose a higher flux density values. In order to keep the smaller values, cross-sectional area means less material. However, large flux density means the corresponding large eddy current and hysteresis losses.
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