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The relationship between magnetic and mechanical

by:Transmart     2020-10-05
In our own lab according to the specific requirements in the production of samples, magnetic and mechanical properties of soft magnetic alloy can research different adhesive percentage of lai linear as well as the pressure in the sample implementation. So it will be controlled, and the implementation process of sample, starting from powder, until the ring structure, for magnetic measurement ( FIG. 1) And mechanical test ( Figure 4 ( 一) ) 。 The experimental results with commercial I. 我。 P。 C。 This product is well known in the market, and as a reference. Stress is that there is no 'inventions' there is no ambition, but realize that research can explore the magnetic and mechanical properties of the resulting excess of consciousness. Activities since choose suitable for application in the field of ferromagnetic powder; Has been considered and tested several powder, choose the high iron content and irregular granular powder, often used in applications require high density. Such particles is not yet ready to use, but provides a layer of flange base material. As mentioned above, in this article puts forward using phenolic resin choice: choose this kind of resin for mechanical resistance is the basic requirements ( The production, for instance) Generally considered consideration. Automobile brake.
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