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0. 1 mm orientation production technology and main properties of silicon steel sheet

by:Transmart     2021-01-24

0。 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet is a kind of low carbon ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloys, general silicon content is 0. Five to four. 5%. Add the resistivity of silicon iron can be improved and permeability, reduce the coercive force and core loss ( Iron loss) And magnetic aging. Mainly used for making all kinds of iron core of transformer, motor and generator.

0。 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet generally increase with the silicon content, iron loss, stampings and magnetic induction is reduced, the hardness increases. The higher the working frequency, the greater the eddy current loss, selection of silicon steel sheet should be thin. Mainly use oxygen converter smelting, cooperate with steel vacuum processing and AOD technique. According to different purposes, content of silicon and aluminum smelting when change to meet the requirements of different magnetic. High grade of silicon steel sheet of silicon and aluminum quantity increase. Carbon, sulfur, and the inclusions decrease as far as possible.

the silicon steel sheet mill is divided into two hot rolling and cold rolling process, the traditional used direct hot rolled silicon steel finished product production process is now rarely used, mainly for the hot rolling and cold rolling process to produce two, known as the cold rolled silicon steel products. According to different products, cold rolling process is divided into many frame of rolling mill and the single stand rolling, the single stand rolling mainly produce 0. 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet products.

and low iron loss, this is 0. One of the important indices for 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet quality. At the same time, has the strong magnetic field of magnetic induction intensity ( Magnetic induction) High, it makes the motor and transformer core size and weight is reduced, saving the silicon steel sheet, copper wire and insulation material.

0. 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet surface is smooth, smooth and uniform thickness, can improve the filling coefficient of iron core; Plate, used in fabrication of micro and small motor is more important; Surface insulation film adhesion and good weldability, corrosion and improve plate; Basic no magnetic aging.
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