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Detailed interpretation of nanocrystalline materials

by:Transmart     2022-08-01

A plate of material resembling a steel coil is gently pulled apart. The material is as soft as paper, but thinner than paper. A nanocrystalline ultra-thin tape with a thickness of only 14 microns was developed using new technology. This technology fills the gap of nanocrystal industry technology in our city and even Anhui.​​

Many people have heard of nano and nanotechnology, but are very unfamiliar with 'nanocrystals'. What exactly are nanocrystals?

Simply put, nanocrystals are a new material. The steel material is a solution at 1600 degrees, and we let it cool rapidly within 1/1000 of a second. Using 'fast' technology, the atomic arrangement of traditional metal products is broken, so that it maintains the characteristics of liquid metal. At present, the thickness of nanocrystalline materials reaches 14 microns, which is equivalent to 1/10 of the diameter of a human hair, and the width is 80 mm. In addition to the external differences, compared with traditional materials, the nanocrystalline materials developed by us have the advantages of light weight, small size and high performance.​​

Nanocrystalline material is a high-tech new material. Does it have any relationship with our life?

Nanocrystalline materials are used in emerging industries, such as wireless charging of smartphones, new energy vehicles and charging piles, smart home appliances, solar and wind power generation, new transformers and other emerging fields of the electronics and power industries. It can be said that as long as there is electricity in the field, there is room for nanocrystalline materials. Thinner and wider nanocrystalline ribbons can make electronic products lower heat loss and higher transmission efficiency per unit volume. Taking inverter air conditioners as an example, the frequency of the old generation air conditioners does not change during use, and the energy consumption is large; while the new generation inverter air conditioners using nanocrystalline materials are more intelligent, energy-saving and cost-effective.​​

The biggest impact of nanocrystals on people's lives is that electronic products made of this material are more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, save money and improve efficiency. Simply put, spend less for better enjoyment.​​

Nanocrystalline materials will 5-10 kinds of materials through different ratios, recombination, demonstration, and finally find the most advantageous combination, which requires technical personnel to boldly design. The nanocrystalline industry has very strict requirements on the temperature and humidity of the company's location. Nanocrystalline materials are all micron-level. Too cold and too humid will also affect the accuracy of the equipment.​​
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