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Double air-gap magnetic saturation of current transformer iron core iron core is how to effectively solve

by:Transmart     2021-01-22
Double air-gap iron core is how to effectively solve the magnetic saturation of current transformer iron core 2019 - 03 - 30 15:05:12 current transformer is to ensure that normal, safe and reliable operation of power system important equipment. After years of development, from the traditional electromagnetic current transformer development in today's electronic current transformer, current transformer core material is varied. In today's current transformer, however, still lack a kind of easy measuring current transformer to install the charged at the scene. Ever use measuring current transformer core, iron core is closed more iron core structure, installation and removal must be in the case of power failure. Optical current transformer, although more flexible structure of sensing head can be used, but its birefringence problem difficult to solve, in the application, the external factors such as temperature and vibration environment influence on measurement accuracy is bigger, difficult to achieve high precision at the scene of the bad conditions. For convenience of electric installation of high pressure measuring current transformer, in this paper, a kind of electronic current transformer on the structure of the double air gap core related experiments, discusses the feasibility of this structure is applied in 500 kV power system, its purpose is to make a set of can install a charged high precision current transformer, used in the measurement with a current transformer in the power system of electric check. Double air gap core can be thought of as in a complete closed core symmetry position open two incision, which formed when installation, aim the two semicircle core openings clamping, as can be used in the field of current transformer iron core coil. Two openings at the same time, have a non-magnetic gaskets, improved core remanence and saturation phenomenon, at the same time broaden the core measurement range [ 13] 。 In general, with the air gap current of iron core transformer as protective current transformer. Literature in the use of electronic current transformer with the air gap core to the air gap core is used for measuring current transformer successful attempt to 0. Level 2 standards. Iron core after opened the air gap, contrast and the increase of Angle difference phenomenon. In order to reduce the error, can use a larger cross-sectional area, the measures to increase the amount of core material. How the core manufacturing is reached between the economy and the core of measuring accuracy of the appropriate yield point, reasonable parameters optimization is the key. In order to improve the measuring accuracy of the current transformer structure, still need to take some measures to the double contrast of air gap core and the Angle difference compensation and correction. Double air-gap because there are gaps in the air gap opening, iron core coil is not completely distributed windings, error caused by the eccentric distance needs careful consideration.
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