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Four kinds of classification of transformer core

by:Transmart     2021-01-20
Four kinds of classification of transformer core - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:33 core is mainly composed of iron core ontology, fasteners and insulating parts: (1) core ontology, magnetic conductor, made of the electrical steel piece. (2) fasteners, clamp, screw, glass tie belt, just tie belt and block, etc. (3) of the clip and insulation insulation, insulation pipe and insulation pads, ground lug and shoes, etc. Transformer core has four kinds of classification: 1, the shell core and core type core core medium a winding part called & other; Core column & throughout; Plays a role of magnetic circuit, not only set of winding part called & other; Iron yoke & throughout; 。 All core surrounded the winding is called a shell; All who surrounded by winding core column called core type. Shell and core type have distinguishing feature each, but the iron core is determined by the transformer manufacturing technology have great difference, once you choose a certain structure is difficult to produce a kind of structure. In our country mostly transformer core adopts pile core type. 2, core for single-phase and three-phase single-phase core core has a single fold two pillar type iron core. Yoke type four pillars near the core of single-phase single, single phase double column type folding iron core, single-phase radiant folding iron core, a total of five kinds of; Three-phase there three phase column showing new type folding iron core, the three-phase side yoke type column five core, three-phase double box type folding iron core, three-phase reactor folding iron core is a total of four. 3, vertical core core vertical and plane type of core column and iron yoke is not in a plane, a radiant and involute type, symmetrical type, due to the magnetic flux distribution is evener, can reduce the loss; Flat yoke iron core column and in the same plane, high mechanical strength, good manufacturability. 4, fold iron core and roll core are folded iron core, generally by the iron core is piled up. More in the form of roll core. Involute column and iron yoke iron core of the core between the air gap is bigger, affect the no-load current, so the capacity can't be too small; But due to the magnetic flux leakage vertically into iron chip plane, affect the additional loss, so shoulds not be too wide, which can't be too much capacity.
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