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Four of the major causes of transformer core current loop fever

by:Transmart     2021-01-20
Four of the major causes of transformer core current loop heat - 2019 03 - Feer is 30 15:05:33 transformer core circuit and transformer core fault is one of the main cause of this fault has four: 1, lead failure joint lead overheat and multiple faults, for example, joint lead screw with bad, cause overheating. Shunt failure lead release more on casing, on the one hand, the current is larger, on the other hand lead joint is not directly into the catheter in the casing direction, mostly as a result, the leads on the package no insulation catheter to contact shunt, produce heat failure. Wire broken stocks also can cause thermal breakdown, such as a transformer neutral point of the casing fuses two strands of burn out, three burns, the reason is that in the process of inspection, update the neutral casing, don't pull upward comparison, lead to the half of the outer layers of the lead coating took off around the white cloth, naked braided wire into the casing of the copper tube wall tap, discharge, overheating. 2, the quality of the wire quality bad wire itself, can also lead to overheating. The main reason is some wire of copper and silver content is lower than the national standard limit, in addition, the conductor cross section size deviation can also lead to different winding dc resistance difference, make local fever winding. 3, fault in on-load tap-changer regulating transformer, in the frequent transfer will cause the contact between the mechanical wear, corrosion and pollution of contact, the heating effect of the electric current can make conversation weaker elasticity, so that the dynamic and static contact between the contact pressure drop. Dynamic and static contact pressure can make the contact between the contact resistance increases, leading to contact between calorific value increased. 4, the connection is not tight testing practices show that fuses with the casing connection between the guide bar or tap-changer is not tight, could lead to a junction resistance is too large, cause a fever.
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