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How to solve the problem of the magnetic core of acceleration sensor sensitivity deviation?

by:Transmart     2020-10-11
Acceleration sensor magnetic core is a kind of can measure the acceleration, the acceleration signal converted into electronic devices. Equipment can be calculated relative to the horizontal plane Angle, through the analysis of dynamic acceleration analysis equipment moving way. To the requirement of sensitivity is very high, in fact, no matter what type of sensor, the sensitivity is critical, the higher the sensitivity, noise ratio measurement system information, system is susceptible to electrostatic interference and electromagnetic field effect, but under long time use, the deviation of the sensor sensitivity is at this time we need to adjust. Acceleration sensor magnetic core sensitivity deviation can be divided into two cases, one is the sensor sensitivity is low, is a big deviation sensitivity, so how to solve? Let's say with low sensitivity of the solution of this kind of circumstance, can cause low sensitivity for two reasons. Reason 1: the insulation resistance of the acceleration sensor is sensitive to magnetic core core body drop solution: if because of the insulation resistance of sensitive core body fall, you need to the acceleration sensor used in the baking temperature scope, the sensitivity can be recovered again, but tend to fall again. Reason two: the piezoelectric coefficient of sensitive core body attenuation solution: if because of the sensitive core body piezoelectric coefficient of attenuation, then you need to calibrate the sensors. So how big deviation sensitivity of this problem is caused by? Mainly because in a room temperature environment, caused by piezoelectric material temperature response coefficient is too large, to solve this problem, need to choose the temperature response coefficient of deviation small acceleration sensor.
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