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The arrangement of the conductive layer

by:Transmart     2020-10-11
In the example of inductors, usually expressed in symbol B, spiral plane coil 2 formation on the either side of the substrate 1, soft magnetic alloy and set up covering each coil 2 and on the side of the edge on one side of the layer on the surface of the substrate 3. Each layer 3 is covered by magnetic film 4 and 2 in the middle of the coil part by forming the hole in the middle of the base board 1 5 electric connection each other. In addition, the terminal 6 extends to the outside. The thickness of the substrate on each coil 2 from 1. In inductor B as described above structure, through the intervention of layer 3 plane coil 2 is placed in a magnetic film between 4, thus forming inductor between terminals 6. Substrate 1 by ceramic substrates, Si wafer substrate, resin substrate, etc. When using ceramic material forming the substrate 1, can choose from the following materials: alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and aluminum nitride, talc, mullite, cordierite and forsterite, spinel, etc. In order to make the base plate of the thermal expansion coefficient of thermal expansion coefficient is close to Si, expect using materials with high thermal conductivity and high bending strength, such as aluminum nickel and iron. Planar coil 2 made of high conductivity of metal materials, such as copper, silver, gold, or the metal alloy, aluminum and can series electric connection, and through the edge layer in the middle of the vertical or horizontal layout. In addition, multiple planar coil through parallel configuration 2, can form a transformer. In addition, after conducting layer is formed on the substrate, by lithography plane coil 2 can be formed shape. Conductive layer can be formed through the appropriate method, such as pressure welding, plating, metal coating, vacuum deposition, sputtering, ion plating, silk screen printing or sintering.
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