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The change of the magnetic mechanical performance

by:Transmart     2020-10-04
One of the main goals of the current active yes mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of soft magnetic alloy powder metallurgy products can use different types of tests: low bend test is to assess our sample strength, ductility, the sample can be defined For example, high porous material) 。 18, mechanical properties can be through the following ways for transverse rupture strength ( Or TRS) With three point bending test, usually used for brittle materials; The test based on the deformation of the specimen method, is slowly increasing force until in the tensile/stress areas of material damage, as shown in figure 4, 一) Shown below. When under bending moment, stress derived from the cross section of the sample, the bending moment is parallel to the lateral forces on cross section plane. Bending strength TRS can be defined as the sample fracture when bending stress, its expression is: P is sample and destroyed by the dynamometer load of the tested sample, L is the distance between the supporting roller, w is the width of the perpendicular to the direction of the load, t is the thickness of the parallel to the direction of the load of 25; During the experiment measuring instrument can measure the load P and TRS calculation. With different percentage of binder and mould pressure experienced laboratory activity of SMC samples, the results with the business I. 我。 P。 C。 Complete analysis considering magnetic and mechanical properties, and find a good compromise between the two.
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