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The influence of transformer iron core of transformer problem analysis

by:Transmart     2021-01-21
The influence of transformer iron core of transformer problem analysis - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:36 due to electromagnetic induction often produce certain power loss in the process, especially in the actual working process of the transformer is not only creates a loss in the process of induction coil, at the same time, due to the transformer core under the effect of magnetization will produce certain power loss. Ow to core use of actual call occurs within the core loss is & other; Iron loss & throughout; , the causes are mainly include: & other; Hysteresis losses throughout the &; , as well as & other; Eddy current loss & throughout; 。 “ Hysteresis losses throughout the &; Is caused in the working process of the transformer transformer core by magnetization, gradually in the process of two magnetic power; Often such a loss and the iron core is surrounded by material of the hysteresis loop area is directly proportional relationship, the larger the area of the greater the loss, because now use silicon steel more can let hysteresis loop decrease as far as possible, which can reduce the loss of the core produced by magnetization and reduce fever. Although use the silicon steel used for transformer core manufacturing can reduce & other; Hysteresis losses throughout the &; Problems, but also because & other; Eddy current loss & throughout; Failing reasons lead to the whole production of iron core, silicon steel plate must be used, and to control material consumption. Transformer in the process of the actual work access to the alternating current, magnetic field changes will naturally produce alternating magnetic flux changes; So will because alternating magnetic flux and produce an induced current, induced current occurs in the vertical direction of the magnetic flux in the core to form a circulation, called & other; Eddy current & throughout; 。 So, in order to avoid an eddy current as far as possible, as far as possible to reduce fever is use of silicon steel slice, insulation isolation method to reduce the eddy current, so as to reduce the eddy current loss. Generally choose 0. 35 mm to make the transformer core of cold-rolled steel sheet, and then according to the need of the actual transformer to change the selection of the shape of the steel and production, and then to overlap together; In theory, each piece of the steel thickness of the thinner its ability to reduce the eddy current loss is stronger, and in the actual splicing process is more convenient to joining together, at the same time, the hot is it in the process of using a large amount of reduced; Also can use silicon steel materials, less in core manufacturing prices there is also great benefits. But in practice, core making, core made of the steel, can not only theoretically, considering because only the pursuit of thin steel sheet can reduce the effective surface of the steel, and increase the working hours. So the design of transformer core manufacturing, must be comprehensive, considering to guarantee the actual effect is good. Also need to realize at the same time, due to the electromagnetic induction effect respectively in the primary and secondary windings produce inductive electromotive force, the step-up and step-down, needs to be explained by lenz's law, flux produced by the induced current, always hinder round flux change, as the original magnetic flux increase flux produced by the induced current of contrary to the original magnetic flux, is produced by the secondary winding induction magnetic flux and the original winding on the contrary, produced by the main magnetic flux are so low level in the secondary winding of alternating voltage is so iron core transformer magnetic circuit, winding is the circuit part of the transformer. Only to realize the working principle of the transformer also can better for the design of transformer core manufacturing.
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