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The structure of the magnetic core

by:Transmart     2020-10-04
Iron powder used in the magnetic core made of pure iron, iron, and made up of small particles, there are different types of iron powder, such as hydrogen reduction and carbonyl iron. Soft magnetic alloy carbonyl iron is often used for RF, RF, applications, because they have good temperature stability, reduced iron are normally used for dc reactor for hydrogen, mainly due to their high. Iron powder compared with other iron powder loss high powder material, but is not a problem for the size and the application of the smaller can compensate the cost is very important. The saturation of iron powder in 1 - 1. Between the 5 T, and usually has a relative permeability range between 1 - Between 90 (including. A major disadvantage is used to separate iron powder of iron powder binder. Particles, is usually a epoxy resin, and therefore exposed to thermal aging. This makes for high temperature materials, usually higher than 125 ◦ C, which will result in magnetic materials change it. Close to the study of new type of adhesive materials, pushed up the temperature manufacturers now its core under 200 DHS C temperature aging, more information about the thermal aging in 2. You can see in the section 4. MPP ( Molybdenum molybdenum alloy powders) Molybdenum alloy powder MPP, published in 1940, was used to compensate capacitance through long line. Dc current in the magnetic flux density, and 82. 4. Thermal aging and temperature dependence. MPP in powder material usually has the loss, and in a higher level of powder material used in the need of saturated and not increase the loss. Disadvantage is cost, which is much larger than the traditional ferrite, and its geometry in the circular shape. According to magnetic materials, the MPP core molybdenum by 2%, 81% 17% of iron and nickel and relative rate range is 14 - 550. Consider spectrum depends on the manufacturer specifications. Magnetics said its range to 1 MHz, and micro metal only up to 200 kHz
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