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By reducing the vibration noise source to reduce no-load noise transformer core

by:Transmart     2021-01-13
By reducing the vibration noise source implementation to reduce no-load noise transformer core - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:38 ( 1) Using magnetic miniature high permeability material, such as choosing 30 zhl20 silicon steel sheet comparable with other material 4 - silicon steel sheet to reduce noise 5dB( A) 。 ( 2) Reduce the transformer magnetic flux density, can reduce the noise. Flux density per lower 0. 1 t, can reduce 2 - 3dB( A) 。 Noise is decreased but the flux density, the cross-section of transformer core, transformer equivalent capacity and cost are increased, from cost is not economic. Reduce the flux density, therefore, cannot exceed 10% of the standard flux density. ( 3) Improve and reduce transformer core juncture. Core adopts multilevel seams. Using multilevel joint core is smaller than two levels of joint no-load noise, can reduce noise - 4 5dB( A) 。 This is because using multilevel ( Cet 4 or above) Seams, magnetic flux in the joint distribution is uniform, and gets gap flux density in the greatly reduced, cause the joint caused by magnetic suction noise decreasing. In addition, reduce juncture, can reduce the amplitude, and reduce the excitation transformer capacity and excitation current, make the sound power slash, can reduce the no-load noise 4 ~ 5 db ( A) 。 ( 4) To prevent and reduce the silicon steel sheet in processing, the production process by mechanical impact, otherwise it will make the magnetostriction of silicon steel sheet increased, thereby increasing the noise of the transformer core. ( 5) The epoxy glue on the iron core face or polyester, can increase the constraint of the surface tension of iron core, also can rise to reduce the amount of magnetostrictive, reduce the effect of noise.
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