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Fault diagnosis of transformer core fever and five treatment methods

by:Transmart     2021-01-21
Fault diagnosis of transformer core fever and 2019-5 processing method 03 - 30 15:05:34 gas chromatography is an important method of thermal fault diagnosis of transformer core, practice shows that under the condition of the local overheating, transformer oil contains large amounts of CH4 and C2H4, malfunction involving solid insulation, oil contains a large number of CO and CO2, based on this feature, you can use gas image method and three ratio method to determine the nature of the core thermal failure. Diagnosis, the three ratio method and the four ratio method, can distinguish core thermal fault occurred in magnetic circuit and electric circuit. In addition, measuring the dc resistance heat conductive circuit fault can be further judgement. Transformer core heating failure reason need to take different processing methods. 1, due to causes such as winding structure of transformer core, low voltage winding overheating in the low voltage winding of the transformer to the double helix. 2, the cooler group blocked tube core overheating fault, should be regularly clean with compressed air or water cooling tube set of methods to deal with. 3, tap-changer core heat caused by fault, need to be properly connected and tap-changer, lead to tighten the nut, avoid loose fever. 4, to avoid the wire and casing tubes after inarching overheat the core, can take the following measures: do not change the current way of lead insulation bandaging, and only when each product fitting, accurate cutting the length of the wire cable, with accurate lead length and the casing assembly; Change the way lead cable insulation bandaging, full lead cable insulation, insulation is not permitted in the phenomenon of loose dew copper. 5, to prevent leakage caused by core overheating fault, can be in the tank wall and transformer with magnetic shielding on the steel plate. In the treatment of the core thermal failure, as long as to find the corresponding processing method, can effectively deal with thermal fault transformer core, improve the reliability of the safe operation of the transformer.
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