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Power transformer core looseness fault monitoring experimental design method

by:Transmart     2021-01-26
Power transformer core looseness fault monitoring method experimental design - 2019 03 - 30 15:06:11 experiment of concrete method is to collect different compression strength of transformer core vibration signals and the excitation voltage current signal analysis, verify the effectiveness of the method proposed in this paper. Figure 2 sketch map for the whole experiment and sensors. The transformer model is S11 - 10/10 three-phase oil-immersed transformer, to be on the safe side, only on the iron core is set low voltage coil, core excitation through places rated voltage on the low voltage winding ( 400V, 50Hz) The implementation. Experiment, by adjusting the pressure rod nut change core clamping force, clamping force is measured through put a strain gauge (screw in the middle BX120 - 10AA ) To strain gauge output connected to constant current static strain gauge, TS3861) The implementation. Vibration sensor using piezoelectric acceleration sensor ( M601A12, PCB) , sensitivity of 500 mV/g, voltage type current sensor selection hall sensors. Vibration measuring point location choice considering the sensitivity to the core clamping force, five vibration measuring point A, B, C phase respectively at the top and the side of the upper A, C, as shown in figure 2 as shown in the lower right. Acceleration sensor output and the electric current signal is connected to the independent research and development of TCMS power transformer vibration condition monitoring system on line. TCMS system can complete vibration, voltage, current and temperature signal synchronous sampling. Experiments of vibration signal and voltage current signal sampling frequency for each channel 20 KHZ, anti aliasing way pass filter cutoff frequency is 2 KHZ, the resolution of the vibration acceleration signal is 0. 024m/s 2。
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