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Ten hot topic in the amorphous industry docking at the meeting

by:Transmart     2020-05-21
Cixi amorphous industry key support why cixi welcome new materials industry? Jian-guo hu ( Cixi city vice mayor) : cixi industry developed rapidly, with a special focus on amorphous alloy as representative's new materials industry to attract and support. Amorphous strip industry in cixi has already formed the scale, industry development trend. We hope that through this activity, let more experts, entrepreneurs and so on into the cixi, cixi, cixi, investment, development of cixi. Amorphous industry maintained a good momentum of development of why there are so many people to attend? There were ( Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, nanjing university doctoral tutor, professor) : meeting today so many people, I also know, scientific research institutes and enterprises do strip, and the downstream 100 transformer companies will come to the industry development, shows that we are all attaches great importance to development of the industry. Hope everyone to strengthen communication, bold practice, dare to innovation, scientific and orderly development of our industry of amorphous strip. China amorphous production more than 100000 tons of amorphous strip production in China this year? Amorphous (China The first amorphous industry portal) : in 2016, the Chinese of amorphous strip production capacity of 140000 tons, the actual production. 50000 tons (up and down By the end of November) More than 100000 tons this year, is expected to be real. Estimated 2017 amorphous strip a total capacity of up to 160000 tons, about 13 actual output. 50000 tons. Amorphous industry development to the quality to win trust in 2016 the number of amorphous transformer down what reason? Korea sieve root ( Electricity, director of research institute of China) : nice amorphous transformer bidding market in 2015, amorphous variable number fell by 2016, you see behind me the data. Due to its policy in 2015, also has no such policy in 2016, we take what win the market. I want to say, the key is the quality. Win the market, rely on quality products to the market confidence. Amorphous transformer paying special attention to this problem, the good thing to do to be trusted. Amorphous industry development not to 'rush' can develop well why a gas station? Chen Zhuo ( Secretary general of the China metal electrical steel branch) A gas station: western countries find a place for open a gas station, establish a good business is good; Come and see the second businessman, not to build gas stations, but form a complete set of opening a restaurant; Third businessmen may open each supermarket, and so on, this area will soon be busy. Herd: Chinese businessmen to choose a good location, opened a gas station business is good; The second Chinese businessmen to open a second station is sure; Then in the third and fourth station, then start competing for the business, sales prices. Amorphous strip and other new industries is also! China's five big Chinese strip and strip five years progress abroad what difference is there? Xu Hua ( Port of Shanghai, incredible amorphous metal co. , LTD. , general manager) : 2010, 2011 domestic strip at the trial production stage, limited by manufacturing techniques, made of amorphous alloy transformer no-load loss is too big, far higher than import strip. In 2016 domestic strip noise and annealing temperature on the material toughness, core is slightly worse than import strip performance, but in the core no-load loss cost is superior to the imported strip and strip. Amorphous magnetic powder core has a very broad market of amorphous magnetic powder core is promising? Su Hailin ( Hefei university of technology professor) : strip broken powder and the proportion of spherical powder, give attention to both high dc bias and low loss; Develop Gao Jing transition temperature of the alloy composition, in order to improve the annealing temperature, achieve high permeability; Amorphous alloy powder core will be in the field of high frequency and so on has the big market, will get more attention. 3 d winding amorphous materials become province performance winding amorphous transformer advantage in where? Long Liqiong ( Amorphous technology minister) sea hon electric co. , LTD. : amorphous intensity is high, the three dimensional wound core transformer has a core anti-short circuit ability, low no-load current, low noise, and hot temperature uniformity, material saving, low no-load loss, low leakage. Annealing regulation of amorphous relaxation annealing can improve the performance of amorphous relaxation regulation can affect performance? Wang Yingang ( Professor of nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics) : as a result of low temperature annealing of amorphous alloy structural relaxation makes alloy Bs, Hc ( Easy magnetization direction) , Tc is subject to change, of which the preferred direction changes the most worthy of attention. Structural relaxation increased the surface smoothness and uniformity of amorphous alloy, so the corrosion resistance improved. Plant the fat amorphous changes what are the advantages of environmental protection plant fat amorphous transformer? Hong-wei Yang ( Henan dragon electric co. , LTD. , general manager) : combined vegetable insulating oil amorphous alloy transformer energy-saving effect is remarkable, than S11 transformer no-load loss dropped by more than 75%; 1. 5 times the rated load sustainable running time 6 hours, 1. 75 times the rated load can run 3 hours, 2 times the rated load for 1 hour, can effectively solve the problem of transformer run overload for a long time, avoid high overload caused by transformer burned phenomenon for a short time. The noise is lower than the national standard 5 db.
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