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The advantages of an LVDT displacement sensor magnetic core have?

by:Transmart     2020-10-22
As title, an LVDT displacement sensor magnetic core what are the advantages? Magnetic core of each sensor has its unique role and advantages of an LVDT is no exception, as to what are the advantages of all, this is what we want to share today's content, then the following will learn together. No friction measurement an LVDT movable iron core and coil, usually no physical contact between that is an LVDT is no friction parts. It can be used to withstand the light core load, but can't afford important measuring friction load. Sophisticated materials, for example, the impact of deflection or vibration test, fiber or other high elastic material tensile and creep tests. Infinite mechanical life due to an LVDT without friction and contact between the coil and iron core, so as not to wear. Such an LVDT mechanical life, are theoretically infinite length. On the structure and material fatigue testing applications, such as this is a very important technical requirements. In addition, the mechanical life of infinite for aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and the important industrial equipment of high on mechanism are also important. Unlimited resolution an LVDT frictionless operation and induction principle with two notable features. The first feature is a truly infinite resolution. This means an LVDT can respond the iron core of tiny movement and generating output. Outside the readability of the electronic equipment is the only limit of resolution. Zero repeatability an LVDT symmetrical structure, the zero to restore. An LVDT electrical zero repeatability is high, and very stable. In the closed loop control system, an LVDT is excellent electrical zero position indicator. Insensitive to radial an LVDT for the axial motion of the iron core is sensitive, radial motion is relatively slow. In this way, an LVDT can be used to measure is not in accordance with the clear linear motion objects, for example, can turn an LVDT coupled to the end of the bourdon tube pressure measurement. Input/output isolation an LVDT is regarded as a kind of transformer, the excitation input (because it Primary) And output ( Secondary) Is completely isolated. An LVDT without buffer amplifier, can think of it as a kind of effective analog signal components. In the demand signal from the power supply ground wire measurement and control circuit, its usage is convenient. Solid materials as well as the joint of the solid manufacturing an LVDT these materials used in the process to make it become a solid solid transmitter. Even middling some powerful industrial environment impact, large vibration, an LVDT also can continue to wield. Iron core and coil separation an LVDT core and coils separated from each other, on the inner wall of the core and coil inserted between nonmagnetic spacer, can take pressure, corrosive or alkaline liquid isolated from coil assembly. In this way, the line circle group to realize gas seal, no longer need to carry on the dynamic seal the motion artifacts. For coil group pressure in the system, by using static seal. Environmental adaptability of an LVDT is one of the few can work in a variety of bad environment of one of the transmitter. Seal type an LVDT adopts stainless steel case, for example, can put in corrosive liquid or gas. Sometimes, an LVDT are required to work under extreme environment. For example, in low temperature environment similar to the liquid nitrogen or radiation environment. Although in most cases, an LVDT has infinite working life ( In theory) An LVDT, under the bad environment, working life is different with different environment.
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