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The role of the transformer core and related principles

by:Transmart     2020-09-25
Current transformer core is divided into ring core, iron core, electric roll core, laminated iron core and clamp type iron core. Transformer core basic magnetization curve has a strong nonlinear, select the appropriate functional form to magnetization curve fitting is needed. This article chooses the core material is Z11 type cold rolling silicon steel sheet, and the original magnetization curve fitting curve is used to mean for the error of each point using polynomial has very good fitting effect can be obtained, fitting polynomial equation is obtained for the practical engineering applications, the thermal noise is the unavoidable random disturbance, system of its existence will bring bigger error of measurement, thus the normal operation of the system. So on the analysis of the signal to signal preprocessing in the first place, when parts will signal the noise interference, to extract the useful signal. Due to the gaussian noise under the wavelet transform and signal under wavelet transform modulus maxima distinct features, gaussian noise under the wavelet transform modulus maxima decreases rapidly with the increase of transform scales, and the modulus maxima of signal will remain essentially unchanged or showed a trend of increase. Using the noise under the wavelet transform of this feature can be very effective in the treatment of eliminate the influence of noise signal. Caused by the line current continues to increase, gradually magnetic saturation voltage transformer core, the inductance rapidly decreases, and when the inductance to satiety L omega, which have the resonance condition, resulting in a resonant overvoltage. The resonance occurs, a voltage transformer excitation current increases sharply, the high pressure blown fuse. If had not reached the current fuse fusing values, but more than the rated current, voltage transformer run under overcurrent condition for a long time, will cause the voltage transformer loss. Transformer itself is no electricity, it is through the other coil or other electrical system after electrical magnetic field induction to energy; And is used to change the voltage of the transformer, and is a tool to change the voltage, can step-down, of course also can rise. Will have the same working principle of transformer and transformer, using the principle of electromagnetic induction to work. Iron core is to realize the electromagnetic induction medium, in addition to the use and there are differences in shape, there is no difference on the function and material quality. But when considering the bigger of the transformer and power transformer core is about to consider the increase in multiple factors. About the core is the magnetic flux density. Transformer core magnetic flux density of general design is lower about 0. 08 - - - Between 1 t, magnetic flux density of transformer core is generally designed for less than 1. 7 t wound core transformer core is to use silicon steel with continuous rolling, it applied to electronic transformer, early exception is suitable for single phase transformers. Adopt the grain oriented silicon steel coil made of single-phase roll core, can guarantee flux flow direction and grain oriented silicon steel belt had, make the excellent properties of materials play a completely, but in the process of flux of circulation, each closed magnetic flux in a closed loop through the silicon steel sheet at least once. Will roll to three-phase transformer core technology, can be made into three phase three pillar type transformer core, which consists of two of the same frame and an outer box, because each core column is made up of two different frame column, and the transformer at runtime, the flux of each core column is constantly changing, so there is also a magnetic flux flow between the two core column, column in another core within the magnetic flux is zero. So, part of the magnetic flux between box through, or within the core column magnetic flux is zero, a box will appear in the opposite direction from the circulation flux. No matter what kind of situation, will increase the no-load loss of iron core, as a result, the three phase three pillar type structure with wound core is some defects. Wound core and everybody know what features are: high performance, low loss, low noise, anti-short circuit ability, fully sealed and maintenance free.
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