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The role of transformer core coated insulating varnish

by:Transmart     2021-01-20
The effect of transformer core coated insulating varnish 2019 - 03 - 30 15:05:39 transformer iron core of transformer magnetic circuit, and body skeleton effect at the same time. Transformer core with 0. 35 mm thick, coating the surface of the insulating varnish superposition of silicon steel sheet. Transformer core coated insulating varnish is mainly in order to reduce the core loss: 1, silicon steel sheet itself is conductive, in under the action of magnetic flux exchange, also produced the induced current in the core. 2, if you don't coated insulating varnish transformer core, iron core will become a whole, rather then a very large area of the conductor and its resistance value is small, although the induction voltage is not high, but the induced current is very large. It will produce great vortex ( Circulation) Wear and tear. Serious when, can make the iron hot melt even rust, known as the core & other; Fire & throughout; 。 3, after coating insulating paint, between each transformer core is divided into many small section of the conductor. So its resistance. The core of the paint, although there is also a eddy current loss ( Part of the iron loss) But much smaller. 4, therefore, transformer core silicon steel sheet is thinner and with insulating varnish.
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