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Transformer core actual effect

by:Transmart     2020-09-24
Transformer core of practical power system in order to transmit power, often using ac voltage, large current loop send electricity to the user, and the role of the transformer is ac voltage and high current in proportion to the instrument could be used directly to measure value, facilitate instrument direct measurement, at the same time provide power supply for relay protection and automatic device. Transformer quality determines whether the personal and equipment safety, and the role of iron core in the transformer determine his position. The working principle of transformer and transformer, are run by the principle of electromagnetic induction, so most used in the iron core of transformer can be applied to transformer iron core. South China sea, an iron core manufacturing co. , LTD. Production of ring core, c-type iron core, ladder type iron core, rectangular iron core, cut/laminated iron core, EI type iron core, opens the mouth to roll core and different core, they can apply to the transformer can also be used in the transformer. The discretion of the transformer core permeability has enormous influence on the accuracy of measurement of transformer. C type iron core, ring type iron core, ladder type iron core, rectangular core as winding core, adopts excellent orientation cold-rolled silicon steel materials, ensure the direction of the magnetic flux and the consistency of grain oriented silicon steel sheet, used in the transformer is safe and effective, low noise, low loss, such as short circuit capacity, compression resistance peculiar advantages, has been commonly used in transformer components.
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