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Transformer core along with the trend of the development of social economy

by:Transmart     2020-09-25
Transformer core is accompanied by the development of social economy, small and medium-sized enterprises have sprung up and the rising of people's living standard, the electricity problem became a problem. When the electricity generating the demand present situation, 'Electricity shortage') , not only restrain the rise of people's material life and became a stumbling block to the development of the enterprise. For south China and other developed areas, summer season is usually some companies but at the same time also is peak season, believe factory in many parts of the enterprises have experienced a day 'start', also is the peak period of electricity. Relevant departments according to data released since the second quarter of 2011, guangdong electric power gap in 5 million kw or more, shenzhen power 1 million kw or more, guangxi is difficulties the severe power shortage in 20 years, thousands of companies were forced to shut down, sichuan, chongqing, guizhou, yunnan, hainan, jiangxi, zhejiang and other southern provinces also have power in a tense situation. When the enterprise is restricting electricity or without electricity, many enterprises will adopt a generator, night work overtime work, adjust the rest time, or simply shutdown, etc. , but these methods are all take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, for some small and medium-sized enterprises to work overtime and power behind the produce cost will be high, brings to the enterprise's development. If you want to improve this situation, you need each social enterprise advocating the use of energy conservation and low damage economic motor and electrical and electronic products. Motor applied in various fields such as heavy, so the power consumption in the national total power consumption occupies a considerable proportion of, so you need to start with improving motor running status, big loss is derived from the core of the motor copper loss and iron loss. Core manufacturing has been committed to the core of production development, not only produce electronics low-loss efficient ring core, c-type iron core, torque type iron core, air gap core, iron core and core clamp table class, also in the core of power class unremitting efforts, to produce a three-dimensional volume core, ladder type iron core, such as triangle open iron core and winding core, commonly used Japanese imports of silicon steel sheet winding, from material, production to packaging by the safe low efficient, continuously for motor manufacturing enterprises
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