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Field intensity is proportional to the distance from the conductor? _

by:Transmart     2020-10-14
Stretch of the magnetic field generated in the form of a bar magnet, clearly the arctic and Antarctic, 1 j85 core flux is proportional to the current flows through the coil. If on the same coil with the same current flows will be wrapped around the additional wire layer, the magnetic field strength will increase. Therefore, thus, available in many given magnetic circuit inside the coil and magnetic flux and flow through the current is directly proportional to the number of turns of the wire. Represented as a magnetic power current, I through the N turn coil. As a result, the electromagnet of the magnetic field strength is determined by ampere turns of coil, the coil of wire number of turns, the more the greater the magnetic field strength. Now we know that if two adjacent in current carrying conductors, will be established under the direction of current magnetic field. The results of the two fields interaction makes two conductors by mechanical force. When a current flows along the same direction ( On the same side as the coil) Flow, the magnetic field between the two conductors is very weak, so as to generate attraction, as described above. Similarly, when flowing current in the opposite direction, the electric field between them will enhance, and conductor will be exclusive. Around the conductor magnetic field intensity is proportional to the distance from the conductor, more points in the vicinity of a conductor, and fade out gradually away from the conductor. In the case of a single straight conductor, the flow of electric current and the distance are the key factors of magnetic field intensity. Type: therefore, used to calculate the magnetic field strength, ħ are sometimes referred to as 'magnetization force' a long straight current-carrying conductor from the flow through the current and the distance from it.
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