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New magnetic material is effective? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-27
First by quenching speed skills formation of amorphous ribbon, 1 j85 core and then through the crystal fine grained heat treatment. Through this process, we can obtain high saturation magnetic flux density, high initial magnetic permeability, low coercive force and good magnetic iron losses. Nanocrystalline materials is a kind of green, green, low-carbon, efficient new magnetic materials. Iron-based nanocrystalline materials can be applied to a lot of common mode choke in the field of electrical and electronic, high-frequency transformers, current transformers, driver transformers, network transformers, magnetic core, magnetic amplifier, filter inductors, reactor, PFC choke in the core. Widely used in switching power supply, household appliances, industrial electrical equipment, communication power supply, network power, solar power equipment, wind turbines, IGBT inverter power supply, laser power supply and power supply equipment. Using micromagnetic simulation and semi-analytical theory to study the long article film permalloy transverse spin wave modes. Found near stripe edge low frequency mode, showed cross features high frequency mode. The balance of these characteristics is made on the entire strip magnetization and magnetic field, caused by the uneven distribution of the applied magnetic field on the distribution of strip width adjustment. Mode frequency and wave shape in different application fields shows different characteristics. Model in transition and the symmetry of magnetic system corresponding to the two critical field. Using micromagnetic simulation system for exploring the asteroid shape permalloy magnetic inverse vortex in the sample of the gyration mechanics model. Due to the vortex from its equilibrium position migration, found a cyclotron mode.
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