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Preparation of the alloy is

by:Transmart     2020-10-15
Nominal alloy composition of alloy Co72 - # 1 xFexB28( B including boron, silicon and other non-magnetic elements) 。 Soft magnetic alloy using standard microbalance weigh out the required amount of each element, is about 0. 2 mg。 The starting material for: Co, 99. 5% of the trace metal base, TMB) Fe, 99. 98% ( TMB) And boron crystal pieces of 99. 99 7% of TMB and Si. TMB, 95% were from Sigma Aldrich. Use the rest of the non-magnetic elements of nominal purity of at least 99. 8%TMB。 This alloy is through in high purity argon arc melt and preparation. Arc in copper electrical and sharp welding ( Containing 2% of red tungsten) Between arc, heated to about 4000 k. To melt the elements included in the water-cooled copper furnace. , usually of low melting point elements under the element of high melting point, except boron and boron is located in the bottom of the furnace, and add the adjust excess elements to keep stoichiometric. Will turn ingot casting and melting, four times in order to protect the uniformity and uniform luster. High purity titanium getter for oxygen. The typical quality of ingot block is about 1 g. Then cut part of the ingot, is installed in the acrylic resin and curing, thus, respectively, in turn, the fine sand paper and abrasive paper ( 5, 1 and 0. 3μm) For the subsequent surface polishing
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