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The general current transformer can be zero sequence current transformer application?

by:Transmart     2020-07-23
Current transformer can usually put a current according to the certain values a lot variable values smaller than transformation for secondary current, is used to carry out maintenance, accurate measurement of the main purposes. And zero sequence current transformer is when the power supply circuit of electric shock accident or ZouDian common failure, maintain posture, disconnect switch power supply, this name is very similar to each other, effect has a lot of different, their differences and actual effect how? Wear heart type current transformer as the zero sequence current transformer from the basic principle of no problem, but its sensitivity can have quite big difference. 1. Generally the effect of current transformer current transformer can usually put great primary current values according to certain variable than transform for smaller values of secondary current, used to carry out the maintenance, the main purpose of precise measurement. If change ratio of 400/5 of the current transformer, to the current changes of concrete for 400 a for 5 a current. 2. Principle of zero sequence current transformer is the basic concept of zero sequence current maintenance according to the kirchhoff's current law basic: inject any points in the power circuit of algebra and complex current is equal to zero. In line with all electrical equipment under normal conditions of each phase current vector and is equal to zero, thus, the zero sequence current transformer secondary side winding output signal is bad, the components do not pose. When produce grounding device common faults of the phase current vector and not to zero, the common fault current zero sequence current transformer loop make cause magnetic flux in the transformer core, the zero sequence current transformer secondary side induced voltage causes a components position, promote blurted out equipment, switching power supply system to the Internet, the aim of common grounding device fault maintenance. 3. Zero sequence current transformer effect when the power supply circuit of electric shock accident or ZouDian common failure, maintain posture, disconnect switch power supply. 4. Application standard of zero sequence current transformer in the three-phase line and a current transformer, or let three-phase power lines across the zero sequence current transformer, also can be installed on the neutral point N a zero sequence current transformer, using the vector and the test of three phase current. Zero sequence current maintenance of practical application in the three phase line and a current transformer ( C。 T) Together, or three-phase power lines across the zero sequence C. T, also can install a zero sequence in the neutral point N C. T, use the C. Vector and T test of three phase current, the zero sequence current Io, IA + IB + IC = Io, when the line after the completely balanced three-phase load ( No grounding device common faults, and does not take into account the route, the leakage current of electrical equipment) ,IO=0; When the line after the three-phase unbalanced load, IO = IN, then the zero sequence current as the unbalanced current IN; Generated when a given phase grounding device common failure, will cause a single-phase grounding fault current common Id, the inspection to the zero sequence current IO = + Id, IN is unbalanced three-phase current and single-phase grounding current vector and.
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