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The specific use of insulation layer

by:Transmart     2020-10-01
Set the layer 3 is designed in the planar coil to 2 energized the conduction to magnetic film 4 and cause short circuit. Soft magnetic alloy expect layer 3 by polymer film such as polyimide film or inorganic membrane for example the SiO 2 membrane, glass coating or hard carbon membranes. Layer 3 through sintering to form after the paste printing, or through such as hot dip plating, thermal spray, the gas phase plating, vacuum deposition, sputtering or ion plating method to form. With the magnetic film 4 made of soft magnetic alloy membrane. More specifically, the composition of the alloy has Fea Mb Oc; Which M on behalf of the at least one kind of the rare earth elements in the periodic table, Sc and Y, belong to 3 a group of the periodic table, or lanthanides, including La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm, Eu, Gd, Td, Dy, a, b, c, Atom %) The composition of the ratio of: 50 or less a $70 or less, 5 b, 10, 30 or less or less (or less Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, etc. ) Or their mixture. C 30 or less, and a + b + c = 100. Magnetic film can also consists of 4 as the Fed M & # 39; E Of soft magnetic alloy composition. Which M 'said element Ti, Zr and Hf, V, Nb, Ta, and at least one of W, or their mixture, composition ratio d, e and f ( Atom %) As follows: 45 d 70 or less, or less 5 e or less 30, 10 f 40 or less or less, or less and d + e + f = 100. Through a few mA will have hundreds of kHz frequency and amplitude of the sinusoidal current applied to the structure of inductor B stated above, you can perform inductance measurement for several hundred mu H of the measured values. In addition, with the structure of inductor B small, thin and light, with good magnetic magnetic membrane and includes 4, thus to reduce the size and weight of the planar magnetic components, and exhibited good inductance. By using a as described above of soft magnetic alloy membrane formed the structure of inductor.
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