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The structure of GMR magnetic variable

by:Transmart     2020-10-22
In the structure of GMR magnetic orientation, there is a variable magnetic orientation by the disk's magnetic field. When fixed and fixed film are parallel to the magnetic orientation, soft magnetic alloy through contact with antiferromagnetic conduction electrons may through the gasket each film for a long distance. Record the data on the disk surface of magnetic field free membrane in the direction of rotation, which due to the frequent mobile electronic collision. Magnetic orientation freedom NiFe films in the volatility of GMR sensor than MR sensor signal amplitude change is more suitable for high density. GMR magnetic head has been put into production, can be used for servers, desktops and mobile devices of large capacity HDD computer platforms. Adopt the design of the new hard drive, head of the GMR is likely to continue to maintain a 60% increase in the near future will lead to surface density increase hard disk capacity increase gradually. Figure 6 indicates data rate, performance rate for what data is written to and read the turntable, with the passage of time significantly increased pace. This is because as and disk rotating speed. Today's server data rate of tea products are 20 million bytes per second, and by 2000 will at least double. The performance of the electronic data channel will be a data rate of 500 MHz to allow these very, need to deal with the CMOS photolithography line width is close to zero. 25 micron data rate of this trend closely determines the HDD communication interface rate with a computer. New trend of high data rate from the data channel to arm the amplifier and controller chip electronic devices will be combined with electronic integration, to reduce the number of circuit chip, and electronic products price and power consumption and performance
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