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The structure of the magnetic core winding have?

by:Transmart     2020-10-03
Core consists of internal core and winding and the outer cladding, magnetic core, including cylindrical magnet piece and permeability of iron, a good magnetic ring should be uniform spatial distribution of magnetic induction line, large magnetic induction intensity distribution point filled the root magnetic ring as far as possible, because is usually placed in mobile product transfer lines, the circular surface should be smooth and small resistance, do not contain harmful substances to the environment, prevent pollution materials and the environment. Magnetic core coiling is mainly used to filter tiny powder and liquid, liquid iron impurities and other band of magnetic material, is applied in chemical industry, food, recycling, carbon black and other fields, the appearance of the circular magnetic induction intensity is proportional to the adsorption of small particle size can, batteries, pharmaceutical and other fields of tiny iron impurities can also have a big impact, so want to choose the magnetic ring of about 12000 gauss. Core winding can be chosen in other areas of the lower, the circular in use in the process of contact with the fluid internal energy which will have some irreversible loss, loss exceeds or intensity of 30% in the early appearance of sheet metal, stainless steel tube wear burst, then need to change the circular, the circular and continue to work, can't let leakage magnet magnets are crisp, put some oil, appearance also pollution to the environment. Super magnetic ring features as follows: the effective thick, large contact area, in addition to iron pole magnetic force strong, in addition to iron container can be customized according to the requirements of customers processing, mainly used in plastics, food, green, filtering, chemical industry, electric power, building materials, ceramics, medicine, powder, mining, coal and other industries, the circular all with stainless steel case, effective maintenance of circular and not easily damaged, convenient row of iron; Pull the circular, adsorption in circular and ferromagnetic material automatic separation, continuous work; Out step by step a row of iron materials can continue to work, do not need to stop feeding. EMI absorption circular/magnetic beads absorption interference ability is characterized by the impedance characteristics, present low sensibility in low frequency impedance value, does not affect the useful signal transmission on the data line or telecom, at high frequencies, about 10 MHZ, impedance increases, the inductance component remains small, resistive quantity increases rapidly, the high frequency EMI interference energy in the form of heat absorption dissipation, circular and usually use two key points of frequency 25 MHZ and 100 MHZ calibration EMI resistance to absorb magnetic ring/absorption properties of magnetic beads.
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