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Transformer core in the classification of the power supply and distribution system

by:Transmart     2020-09-25
Transformer core in power supply and distribution system there are two major types of voltage transformer and current transformer. Of current transformers can be the value larger than a current through the change into numerical smaller secondary current, used for protection, measurement and other purposes. If change ratio of 400/5 of the current transformer, the actual for 400 a current into 5 a current. Iron core transformer plays an important role in. According to the requirements of the transformer measurement accuracy level, can choose different soft magnetic material as core material. Core permeability or all kinds of performance requirements of the higher, the transformer of the measurement error is smaller, the higher the precision. The common used material is silicon steel sheet, the main core current transformer are laminated iron core and winding core two kinds. The south China sea an iron core manufacturing co. , LTD. The ring of iron core, because there was no air gap, high permeability, low loss, less noise, the advantages of strong anti-interference, not only suitable for electronic transformer, and is suitable for the transformer. It USES a continuous winding orientation of cold rolled silicon steel material, the diameter of the ring transformer core, height, width ratio is can change according to the requirements. At the same time, in order to protect the transformer core need to note: because of the working principle of current transformer is equivalent to 2 times or short-circuit of transformer, converter, in secondary side is connected to the ammeter current measurement. Transformer in the process of running, the secondary side open circuit, the primary side current remain unchanged, secondary side current is equal to zero, the secondary current demagnetization magnetic flux disappeared. At this moment, all become exciting current, a current transformer iron core saturation, unprecedented rise, flux core loss increase, produce high fever, can damage the insulation, the remanent magnetization in core, transformer increases contrast and Angle difference, loss of accuracy, or harm to the personal safety of operators, etc. So, in order to protect the personal safety, the performance of the core current transformer secondary side is not allowed to open
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