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Type iron core transformer R what kind of role do you have?

by:Transmart     2021-01-24

R type for the actual transformer core, it is in our communication work under state, for power loss, its power consumption is not only on the resistance of the coil, is also under the alternating current magnetic R type iron core. We, in general, is the core of the direct loss of power is called 'iron losses', for the iron losses it is by 'hysteresis losses' and 'eddy current loss'. A 35 mm thick cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, and then we can according to the core of a size, then it is the ability to cut its growth form, and then fold it into a 'day' or 'mouth' glyph glyph. And in terms of the word, if it is in order to reduce the eddy current, for the thinner the thickness of the silicon steel sheet is also, and for splicing strip is relatively narrow, its volume is good.

for the above type iron core transformer R, not only can reduce the eddy current loss, also can be reduced for temperature rise, moreover, for the silicon steel sheet materials also can be saved. But actually in the production of silicon steel sheet iron core, we not only from the side of the favorable factors for the departure, for that production of iron core, the work it will greatly increase for iron core of the cross section also can be reduced.

to use silicon steel iron core of transformer R type for production, we have to be punished from the specific circumstances, to weigh the pros and cons of it, then it is to choose the best size.

for transformer core R type, it is according to our actually produced by the principle of electromagnetic induction, and moreover, for above the R iron core column of the closure, it will actually have two windings, one is the original winding, there is a pair of winding, when the combination of the original winding ac power supply voltage, flow in the original rao groups also have alternating current, and then magnetic potential is established.
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