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Voice coil characteristics is determined by what two factors?

by:Transmart     2020-10-01
Sound characteristics of coil by coil line and manufacturing quality decisions, and determined by the coil used by the core. Due to using different core coil with different advantages and disadvantages, we provide four core material and a total of seven core type. This allows us to make the correct coil for each application specific. This enhances the mechanical stability of the winding coil and the separation of the circuit board, in addition, to facilitate the manufacturing process. 1, the machine is a kind of automatic circular coil winding machine. 2, machine tools equipped with axis ac servo motor drive system, a clear position control. 3, the machine is installed automatically optional safety door closed and open, in order to prevent the damage during operation. 4, this machine is equipped with the core cutting mechanism 5, the machine is equipped with a built-in welding mechanism, core welding for start and stop position. 6, 7 this machine is equipped with cooling system, automatic continuous winding reduce cycle time. 8, equipped with PLC system, touch screen and ac servo motor. 9, parameters ( Program) And 10 touch panel set by PLC system. 10 and provides a quick change in the machine tool, do not need tools to change it to save time and keep the accuracy. Conductor coil with metal core, the strengthened the magnetic field. Compared with the air coil, can achieve high induction and low ohmic resistance is small, cheap coil. Ferrite core is composed of metal plastic powder sintering. We use an electric appliance co. , LTD. Is the ferrite material than many other products used in the core is with high performance.
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