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0. What do you use 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet? What's the requirement?

by:Transmart     2021-01-25

0. 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet, which is a kind of carbon low silicon soft magnetic alloy, generally speaking, its silicon content is zero. Five to four. 5%. After adding silicon, can improve the resistivity of iron with maximum permeability, are being used in 0. 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet, which to a large extent, is also can reduce the coercive force or core loss ( Iron loss) With magnetic aging.

then, 0. 1 mm oriented silicon steel production volume, which is because the process is more complex, as well as its process window is narrow, the production difficulty is bigger, also be arts and crafts of iron and steel products, especially the orientation of silicon steel sheet. In terms of its purpose, the main is also used for making different kinds of transformer and generator or motor iron core. To the world output of silicon steel sheet is also accounted for 1% of the total steel ( See the precision alloy) 。

said to zero. The performance of the silicon steel sheet 1 mm orientation, low iron loss on its own, it is an important index on the quality of silicon steel sheet. In our country, which is based on iron loss value to differentiate brand, lower iron loss and has the higher grades.

in addition, we also is to note that actually is 0. 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet under a strong magnetic field of magnetic induction intensity ( Magnetic induction) Is very high, this also is actually makes the motor and transformer iron core on a smaller volume and weight, save the silicon steel sheet or copper wire and its corresponding insulation materials, etc. ; This material on the surface is very smooth, level off and thickness of also very evenly, can better improve the filling coefficient of iron core.

the end, we also is to actually pay attention to is 0. In terms of the 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet plate performance is also very good, for manufacturing micro or small motor is also to be able to appear very important; Surface of the insulating film adhesion and good weldability, at this point, is also can prevent the corrosion and improve its performance.
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