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Detailed classification of casing current transformer core

by:Transmart     2020-09-21
Detailed classification of casing current transformer core 1 points 1) according to the use Current transformer core, Or measuring winding of current transformer) : in the normal voltage range, to provide measurement, metering device grid current information. 2) Protective current transformer ( Or the protection of the current transformer winding) : in the condition of power grid failure, the relay protection devices such as power grid fault current information. 2 according to the dielectric points 1) Dry type current transformer core: the ordinary insulation materials as insulation after leaching paint processing. 2) Pouring current transformer insulation: mixed with epoxy resin or other resin casting material of current transformer (3) Oil-immersed current transformer: the insulating paper as insulation and insulation oil, generally for the outdoor, are commonly used in voltage grade to of our country at present. 4) Gas insulated current transformer: the main insulation composed of SF6 gas. 3 according to the current commutation principle points 1) Electromagnetic current transformer: time limit according to the principle of electromagnetic induction current transformation of current transformer. 2) Photoelectric current transformer: the current conversion principle of photoelectric conversion of current transformer. 4 according to the installation points 1) Through type current transformer: used to through the screen or wall current transformer. 2) Pillar type current transformer: installed on the plane or pillar, and make a circuit conductor support with current transformer; 3) Bushing current transformers: without a conductor and an insulation, suit directly in the insulation on the casing of a current transformer. 4) Busbar type current transformer: without a conductor insulation, but there is a suit on the busbar directly using a current transformer. 5 according to the primary winding circle number 1) Single turn type current transformer: big current transformers are commonly used single turn. 2) Turn type current transformer, medium and small current transformers are commonly used number of turns. 6 according to the location in which the secondary winding points 1) Is vertical: secondary winding at the bottom of the product, is the structure of commonly used in China. 2) Inverted: secondary winding in the product head, is a relatively new structure form in recent years. 7 according to the current score 1) Single current than current transformer: the primary and secondary windings are fixed number of turns, current ratio does not change, can only achieve a current transformer than transformation. 2) More current than the current transformer: the primary winding and secondary winding circle number can change, current ratio can be changed, and can realize different than current transformation; 3) Multiple core current transformer, this transformer has multiple respectively with a core of secondary winding, in satiety different precision of measurement and the needs of a variety of relay protection device. To satiety some device requirements, some of the secondary winding with multiple tap. 8 according to protective current transformer technology performance points 1) Steady state characteristics: protection current in steady state error, such as P, PR, PX level 2) Transient features: guarantee current during the transient error, such as TPX TPY TPZ TPS level, etc. According to the conditions of use points 1) Indoor type current transformer, voltage grade is commonly used in 35 kv and below. 2) Outdoor current transformer: generally used for more than 35 kv voltage class.
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