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How to choose the right wire diameter to wind the right inductor coil

by:Transmart     2022-08-04

Inductive coils are widely used. The so-called inductive coil is that when there is current in the wire, a magnetic field is established around it. Usually we wind the wire into a coil to enhance the magnetic field inside the coil. The inductance coil is made by winding the wire (enameled wire, yarn package or bare wire) round by round (the wires are insulated from each other) on the insulating tube (insulator, iron core or magnetic core) (generally, The inductive coil has only one winding) The coil is called the inductive coil.

Generally speaking, the wire wound in the inductor coil always has a certain resistance, usually this resistance is very small and can be ignored. However, when the current flowing in some circuits is very large, the small resistance of the coil cannot be ignored, because the large current will consume power on the coil, causing the coil to heat up or even burn out, so sometimes it is necessary to consider The electrical power that the coil can withstand. Inductance The inductance L represents the inherent characteristics of the coil itself and has nothing to do with the size of the current. Except for the special inductance coil (color-coded inductance), the inductance is generally not marked on the coil, but marked with a specific name.

The inductance coil will present a certain resistance to the flow of the electrical signal in the circuit. This resistance is called 'impedance'. The impedance presented by the inductance coil to the current signal utilizes the self-inductance of the coil. Inductor Coil Sometimes we call it simply 'inductor' or 'coil', denoted by the letter 'L'. When winding an inductive coil, the number of turns of the coil is generally referred to as the 'turns' of the coil.

For inductor coils, different inductor coil types. Their line type choices are different and also very important. This directly affects the quality and life of the inductor coil.
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