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Permalloy is ferromagnetic alloy of nickel term? _

by:Transmart     2020-10-14
The term of permalloy is ferromagnetic nickel alloy. In general, it refers to the iron content is about 20%, permalloy core alloy of nickel content is about 80%. Permalloy has high permeability, low coercivity, near-zero magnetostriction and anisotropic magnetoresistance significantly. Low magnetostrictive for industrial application is more important, in industrial applications, the membrane stress otherwise it will cause the variable magnetic destructive changes. Permalloy resistivity is usually in the range of 5%, depending on the intensity and direction of the applied magnetic field. Through the use of permalloy core ( Tamura order of nickel content about 38%) , including the use of permalloy output transformer, to improve the area from lower to high the quality. Magnetic core and to push pull output transformer of the product to complete the voice of the life, help to improve the customer and carefully select the output transformer cannot lack of sound quality. Is the output capacity of more and more information, customers are expected to through a lot of feeling, such as high and low not neat, the expansion of the voice and presentation of the deep and vivid, will cover the entire satisfaction, without the need to feel the existence of the digital source. These core nickel by about 79%, 4% and 17% of iron molybdenum powder alloy composition. Saturation is about 7. 5 gauss. High nickel content so that it is more expensive. The application of its good performance of the more critical. Work in high frequency in the tuned circuit dc offset high Q is an example of a coil. Mo mo alloy powders (slope RTMPP) Magnetic core can provide larger Q value and low core loss. MPP is stable in terms of temperature and exchange flux model. Its permeability range is wide, is considered a good material SMPS dc output inductor. It is suitable for MHZ frequency range. MPP core is precision audio tuning circuit, high Q filter, loading coils, RFI filter, the flyback transformer, as well as many other precision inductor applications of good choice.
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