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Reduce power transformer core stray loss 5 ways

by:Transmart     2021-01-11
Reduce power transformer core stray loss 2019-5 ways 03 - 30 15:05:34 power transformer core stray loss as the core in the special case load loss, therefore, separately discuss ways to reduce it. Power transformer core stray loss including structure ( Iron core is, shielding ring, etc. ) The loss; Through the conductor ( Casing seat) Loss; Parallel conductors ( Through the large current lead) The loss and loss of tank. Reduce the iron core of the stray loss method basically has the following several ways: 1, according to the magnetic analysis and actual measurement, the iron core is miniaturization, cancel the single phase center column core plate, increasing the core part of the surface crack, and leakage magnetic field in the structure of iron core pulling plate ( Such as bolts, etc. ) With low magnetic or nonmagnetic materials, etc. , can reduce the internal structure of the stray loss. 2, on the part of the casing outlet box and the box cover, serious configuration lead to control of magnetic field, the copper shield or nonmagnetic materials, casing cover made of aluminium. Also can be set up between the winding and clip a silicon steel plate, used to absorb the clip pieces, the place such as magnetic flux tank. Where the magnetic field strength into strip of nonferrous metal, so that we can reduce the large current casing and lead some stray loss. 3, to the large transformer, along the walls of a built-in high permeability silicon steel plate as a magnetic shunt, absorb magnetic known as magnetic shielding box wall; Or with high electrical conductivity of copper and aluminum non-ferrous metal lining, produce the adverse effect of eddy current reduce leakage into the tank wall, said electric shielding. General magnetic shielding is better than electric shielding, so can reduce the stray loss in tank. 4, quantitative calculation of oil flow loop, adopt baffle, reasonable winding space, to achieve uniform cooling, optimizing corrugated tank, plate radiator, cooler, energy-saving fan, pump, economic and energy saving cooling way, in order to reduce the stray loss. 5, using glass fiber reinforced plastic fan, high efficiency low noise. To replace the old type cooler with new type cooler, the use of variable frequency regulating power supply for the cooler, can reduce the loss of auxiliary equipment.
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