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The alloy after heat treatment

by:Transmart     2020-10-07
As you can see, in the two kinds of alloy, through carries on the heat treatment, soft magnetic alloy saturation magnetic flux density ( Bs) Increased. With Fe, 68. 5 Ho 11。 5 O 20. 0 of the composition of the present invention alloy membrane, can pass on the degree of saturation magnetic flux density to be added to the heat treatment. In addition, as can be seen from the figure 2. The figure 1 shows that the invention of the composition of alloy membrane for Fe69. 8 sm11。 0 o19。 2, the annealing temperature is 500 ℃. In addition, about the coercive force ( Hc) By annealing under the 400 ℃, can make the form for Fe68. 8 sm11。 0 o19。 2 composition for Fe68 alloy and alloy membranes of coercive force is small. 。 5 Ho11。 5 O20. 0. Therefore, in the temperature of 300 ℃ to 600 ℃ annealing of metal film of the present invention can be considered to be the high saturation magnetic flux density, coercive force and low permeability, low aspect ratio resistance on the level of balance. Importantly, through temperature annealing at 400 ℃, with Fe69. 8 sm11。 0 o19。 2 the composition of the alloy membrane showed 12. 5 kg of high saturation magnetic flux density, 1. 5 oe low coercive force, and 450 mu Ω. Cm high resistivity. With Fe, 68. 5 Ho 11。 5 5 O 20. Showed 11 0 the composition of the alloy membrane. The high saturation magnetic flux density of 4 kG, 1. 2 Oe low coercive force and 772 mu Ω. Cm high resistivity, so better implementation. Balance, good high resistance soft magnetic properties.
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