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The causes of transformer core noise

by:Transmart     2021-01-27
The causes of transformer core noise - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:38 with the increase of electricity, can see around us the existence of large and small transformer, although our country electric power system continues to improve, but iron core of transformer or noise inevitably exist to a certain extent, to a certain extent affect people's life. So, if so, what is that noise transformer core caused? What are the reasons of the noise? Below, we listen to the core of professional and technical personnel. Transformer core is the noise made by general by the iron core of magnetostrictive deformation and winding, fuel tanks, and caused by the electromagnetic force in the magnetic shielding. In the past, everyone always thought of induced magnetic field along the longitudinal vibration noise generated by the iron core lamination is the important element of the transformer core noise. The vibration amplitude with the iron core lamination of magnetic flux density and magnetic core material, and load current. Actually otherwise, because of, there are three sound source, noise power transformer core is a core, 2 it is winding, 3 it is cooler, namely the no-load and load caused by the sum of the noise and cooling system. Core noise mainly constitute the core of silicon steel sheet under the action of alternating magnetic field, can produce the small change of the magnetostriction, magnetostrictive allow the core to do periodic vibration excitation frequency changes. And winding causes of vibration is the current in the electromagnetic winding, the leakage magnetic field vibration can make structure parts produced. The electromagnetic ( And vibration amplitude) And is proportional to the square of the current, and the launch of the sound power and is proportional to the square of the vibration amplitude. Therefore, the launch of the sound power and load current is made manifest. So, from the above explanation of professional and technical personnel, we can see that the noise of the transformer core is inevitable, also need to power system for further improvement in order to more perfect.
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