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The development of core inductor

by:Transmart     2020-09-19
Inductor core can have different geometrical shapes, such as E, U, C, I, ring and block. Shapes have different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the shape of the what on the application of soft magnetic alloy. For example, the annular core with closed magnetic circuit, which will limit induced magnetic core. The escape, but they need machine to make the mouth. When constructing an inductor, the traditional method is to wire winding on the magnetic core. Now there is a known as the compound inductor inductors, from the point of the traditional method, the inductor is to create the structure of the back. Create compound inductors, the conductor will wrapped around the air coil, the edge is connected to the lead frame, the lead frame used for installing pads and the board. Is then made of powder core material pressure around the coils, inductors its square. Please note that material is not used for composite powder inductor. 2. Many 3 core materials, common ferrite, laminated iron, silicon steel and different powder materials, it is of this article. Differences between the features of big material and which material choice depends on the application, saturation and 2. Mentioned in section 1 of the physical size limit. Some of the big manufacturers are Magnetics, micro metal and Ferroxcube. Another aspect to consider is what to exposed to the magnetic core temperature. For the magnetic material is a temperature, known as the Curie temperature Tc, named after the French scientist Pierre Curie in the background. When ferromagnetic materials reach the Tc, it will lose its intensity of magnetization, the material will be with including r about 1 paramagnetic material of the same characteristics. Usually the Tc - in 130 Between 1000 ° C.
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