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The dissolution of amorphous polymer or swelling process analysis

by:Transmart     2020-06-01
Amorphous polymer or swelling process analysis: the dissolution of amorphous polymer molecular chain between pile is loose, the acting force between molecules is weak, so the inside solvent is more easily into the polymer swelling or dissolved. Amorphous polymer dissolution process is usually first swelling or dissolved. First solvent molecules into the polymer, internal diffusion between polymer and reduce the interaction between polymer, which resulted in increased polymer volume expansion, the polymer materials under the action of solvent swelling. After the swelling of polymer chain segment motion acceleration, polymer chain began to loose and unlock the molecular chain tangles, molecular chain movement spread evenly in the solvent, after forming uniform true solution. The influencing factors of amorphous polymer solution and improve polymer dissolution rate method is as follows: 1, the polymer molecular weight, the greater the segment tangles mutual acting force, the greater the dissolved so the slower speed. 2, the higher the temperature, molecular chain segment motion speed, improve the dissolution rate and dissolubility of polymer. 3, mechanical mixing, can accelerate macromolecule chain diffusion velocity, so improve the dissolution rate. 4, choose the appropriate solvent, similar compatible principle and solubility parameters of similar principles.
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