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The other factors influencing the no-load transformer core in noise

by:Transmart     2021-01-17
The other factors influencing the no-load noise transformer core - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:38 ( 1) The impact of transformer core structure. Noise and core column and iron yoke diameter, high iron core window, core window width, the quality of iron core. Core quality each reduce 1 t, the noise can reduce 1/3 db ( A) Value. Window of transformer core and core diameter of high ratio of each 0. 1, transformer core noise will reduce 2 & ndash; 3 db。 ( 2) Transformer core no-load noise frequency is twice mains frequency for its fundamental frequency. In addition to the fundamental frequency magnetic TongWai in the core, and high frequency magnetic flux, so there are two or more times a no-load noise frequency of high frequency of wave. When the iron core and noise frequency close to the natural frequency of the tank, the noise will occur resonance phenomenon, make noise increases. Therefore, transformer core and natural frequency to avoid some of the high frequency of wave tank. ( 3) In order to prevent iron core resonance, when designing low noise transformer core, consider the natural frequency of vibration of iron core. When the transformer rated frequency 50 hz, iron core of the natural vibration frequency band should be avoid: 75 - 165 - 125赫兹 235Hz,275- 375 - 325赫兹 425Hz。 Such as natural frequency to avoid resonance frequency band, iron core will not resonate.
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