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The production of silicon steel core transformer theory

by:Transmart     2021-01-14
2019 - the production of silicon steel core transformer theory 03 - 30 15:05:20 by using the principle of electric and magnetic energy conversion, the second group of coil winding to the common core magnetic circuit for transformer. When one coil connected into ac power, another group of coil due to electromagnetic induction effect on another voltage alternating current (ac), two groups of the voltage applied to the coil, and the coil number of turns into a direct ratio. Connected to the power of coil is often referred to as a coil, pick up the load side of the coil is referred to as the secondary coil. If a circle of secondary side voltage higher than the primary side, called a step-up transformer; On the other hand, the secondary side voltage becomes lower, called a step-down transformer. When transformer without load, namely the secondary coil into open circuit, the only exciting current flows through a coil of current, the magnetic beam & Phi; P by core, at the same time supply iron core loss. In the ends of the secondary coil is induced voltage Es. On both ends of the secondary coil connected to a load, regardless of load for the lights, electric heating, or for motor, resistance or reactance can be used to represent. So there is an electric current passes through on load, has a current through the secondary coil. Because the coil is energized, so in the beam has a magnetic core & Phi; S. Because the transformer has a load, the relationship between core of magnetic beam is no longer & Phi; P, also don't separate is & Phi; S, but the difference between the two. Φ P and & Phi; S not arithmetic to add and subtract, but vector is presupposed, because of considering the load power factor. In general case, there are loads of core magnetic beam, the numerical value is less than when no load. The ends of the voltage in a coil, the exciting current is inversely proportional to the reactance of the coil ( The greater the reactance, the smaller the exciting current) , while the reactance of the coil depending on the magnetic beam depends on its center ( Is proportional to the) 。 In a coil, a load, through its internal magnetic beam is reduced, thus the reactance is reduced, so the current increase, increase the amount of how much less, depending on the magnetic bundle that depending on the secondary side load current. So when the load, the primary side current is exciting current and a secondary side needed by the load current ( At the same power consumption required for current) 。 The primary side of transformer winding and secondary winding circulation current, called the circuit; Flow of iron core transformer magnetic beam, called a magnetic circuit. Current, flow resistance in the circuit is called resistance; Magnetic beam flow resistance in the magnetic circuit, called a magnetic resistance. Scientists choose resistance is low, conductivity better material copper ( Annealing soft copper) As a reference standard, establish the conductivity of the copper is 100; Scientists choose magnetic resistance is higher, air permeability more bad of the material as the reference standard, set the air permeability of 1. Soft iron ( After annealing heat treatment of iron material) The permeability of thousands of times stronger than the air, and transformer silicon steel sheet, its permeability is nearly ten thousand times better than air. That is must have the ends of the voltage in a coil of the magnetic potential, if the air-core coil can produce a magnetic field lines, can produce article ten thousand of the magnetic field lines in the silicon steel core, this is why the transformer coil are wound on the iron core of silicon steel sheet.
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