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The quality of the ultra-thin silicon steel core what guarantee?

by:Transmart     2021-01-23

speaking of ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core quality, first of all, we also is to actually pay attention to the silicon steel edge material must carry on the specialized management, moreover, the production of ultra-thin silicon steel core silicon steel edge, in terms of another, for the vast majority of plants for procurement, actually also is not cutting silicon steel roll, and on both sides of the edge and the middle material is used in the comparison, it is also will have other characteristics.

for ultra-thin silicon steel sheet electromagnetic performance of the core of an edge, it is also a material difference between 5 ~ 10%; The next words, actually the material thickness, which is actually is than the middle material slightly thinner; And its edge is thick, the outside will be a little a bit thin, on the cross section is trapezoidal is present. Edge and intermediate material to mix, will bring a series of quality problems.

in the first place, in the edge of ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core material I will also is actually and intermediate materials E pills are combined loading is a transformer, and then, we actually is also must pay attention because of its I will slants thin, E will not clip I pills, led to the emergence of a line, I will appear the phenomenon of using drop, the electricity, the I will vibration, dancing or bark.

moreover, ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core of silicon steel edge material for processing, we actually is also must pay attention to the transformer electromagnetic index also is actually there will be a large or super poor phenomenon, in this way, actually is also will produce the rework or return of the phenomenon.

last, ultra-thin silicon steel core edge material of EI will actually is also like a transformer, so that, in terms of ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core, it actually is also will have a big head, the other a small horn, moreover, is another ways, in fact, that is, there will be two big or middle concave H form phenomenon.
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